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FMLA for Managers and Supervisors

FMLA for Managers and Supervisors

Simply put, the uninformed manager or supervisor who does not know the basics of leave rights can create significant liability for FMLA violations. In this session, we will concentrate on giving managers and supervisors the basics of the Family and Medical Leave Acts in plain talk, their obligations under the law and the “dos” and “don’ts” of dealing with the FMLA. We’ll also cover the “Bermuda Triangle” of leaves: FMLA, ADA and Worker Compensation. The session will begin and end with a 10 problem self-test on FMLA. Managers and Supervisors will learn: · The Supervisor’s Legal Responsibility in FMLA as an “Agent” of the Company; · An Overview of Laws Creating Leave Rights; · What the Cases Tell Us About Management Mistakes; · Working with Your HR Professional (if you are lucky enough to have one) on Leave Issues; · The Basics of FMLA: What “protected leave” means; Who is protected?; From what?; · Which Employees are Eligible for Leave: Length of service for state and federal laws; · Reason for Leave - Why Employees Can Take Leave under Federal and Connecticut Law; · How Leave Can be Taken: Continuous leave, intermittent leave and reduced leave; · Going Back to Work: What job is the employee entitled to?; · Overstaying leave: What happens?; · Employee Problems: Coming back only part time; “I don’t want to take my FMLA now;” medical restrictions; absenteeism, and performance appraisals; · Hiring the Temporary Substitute for the Out-on-Leave Employee; · Understanding FMLA lawsuits: Retaliation and interference claims; · Other Laws Related to the FMLA and in particular, the ADA, Pregnancy Disability and Workers Comp; · The Meaning of “informal, interactive discussion of reasonable accommodation.”
FMLA Webinar:  Write or Revise Your Policy

FMLA Webinar: Write or Revise Your Policy

No step in the FMLA compliance process is more important than creating or revising your organization’s policy on Family and Medical Leave. With a well-developed FMLA policy, an organization can make decisions systematically and consistently; without one, an organization is left with case-by-case decision-making and opening the door to legal problems. In this session you will learn: • The 7 Essential Topics You Must Cover in Any Time-Off Policy including PFMLA; • The Structure of Your FMLA Policy; • Cautionary Tales: What FMLA lawsuits tell us about policy mistakes; • Policy Differences: State leave only or state and federal leave combined; • The Special Problem of the Expanded Definition of Family under PFMLA; • Other Policies Affected: Vacation, PTO, and pregnancy disability; • Special Policy Considerations: Out-of-State Employees, temporary employees, breaks in service; • The 12-month Measurement Period Issue: Examples and the pros and cons of the measurement options; The 12-month period the authority is adopting; • What to Say about Group Health and Other Benefits in your FMLA policy; (including the employee who does not make the premium payments or doesn’t come back); • Informing Employees of Their Responsibilities to the Company in Their Need for Leave; • What your Policy Should Say About Medical Certifications; • What Your Policy Should Say About “so close to the employee” Family Relationships; • Restoration: What your policy should say about returning from leave.
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