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Employer Survey Results - Company Closings and Outings for the 2021 Holiday Season

When Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on consecutive weekends, employers often have difficulty deciding on whether/when to provide holiday pay, especially when the organization is typically closed on weekends throughout the year. According to our annual Holiday Survey, most employers will be providing an early dismissal the day before the holiday and a full day on the holiday itself.

Given the ongoing pandemic, employers are evenly split between foregoing a holiday party this year and hosting one onsite. Most employers will be prohibiting the consumption of alcohol at the gatherings (54%); this percentage has almost doubled from our 2018 holiday survey. Our thanks to all the companies that submitted responses and provided comments.

Here are the results:

1. Which days will your company be closed for Thanksgiving? Please check all that apply.

Day before Thanksgiving – Half Day (Nov. 24th): 15.38%

Day before Thanksgiving – Full Day (Nov. 24th): 5.13%

Thanksgiving Day - (Nov. 25th): 94.8%

Day after Thanksgiving - (Nov. 26th): 69.23%

*Sample of Responses from Client Comments:

· Early close on Wednesday at 3pm.

· Close 1 hour early on 11/24; early on 11/26 per NYSE.

· Closing for Thanksgiving and the day after has been a longstanding tradition we will continue.


2. Which days will your Company be closed for Christmas? Please check all that apply.

Thursday before Christmas – Half Day (Dec. 23rd): 7.69%

Thursday before Christmas – Full Day (Dec. 23rd): 7.69%

Christmas Eve– Half Day (Dec. 24th): 12.82%

Christmas Eve– Full Day (Dec. 24th): 76.92%

Christmas Day (Dec. 25th): 41.03%

Monday, Dec. 27th : 20.51%

*Sample of Responses from Client Comments:

· We are closed from X-mas day through New Year’s Day.

· We close 12/24 through 1/2/22.

· All employees received 8 hours of additional PTO because holiday fell on a weekend.

· Because Christmas falls on a Saturday it gets bumped and employees get off 12/23 and 12/24 instead.


3. Which days will your Company be closed for New Year’s? Please check all that apply.

Thurs. before New Year’s Eve – Half Day (Dec. 30th): 3.13%

Thurs. before New Year’s Eve – Full Day (Dec. 30th): 25.00%

New Year’s Eve – Half Day (Dec. 31st): 12.50%

New Year’s Eve – Full Day (Dec. 31st): 75.00%

New Year’s Day (Jan 1st): 40.63%

Monday Jan. 3, 2022: 6.25%

*Sample of Responses from Client Comments:

· Employees will have a choice to take an extra PTO day in 2022.

· Office closed on weekend, so no extra holiday pay.


4. Company Holiday Party

Do Not Have One: 42.11%

Party During Work Hours- At Company: 34.21%

Party During Work Hours- Off-Site: 15.79%

Party After Work- At Company: 7.89%

Party After Work- Off Site: 7.89%

Who Is Invited-Employees Only: 28.95%

Who is Invited- Employees and Guest: 10.53%

*Sample of Responses from Client Comments:

· Generally, we have a small luncheon gathering in the office the day before we leave for the long holiday. We sometimes will have one alcoholic drink. The past few years, we celebrate after the Christmas (we all celebrate Christmas) holiday, I will arrange an evening out and provide transportation to and from our homes. Everyone is so busy during the holiday that it's better to celebrate afterwards...usually in January. Everyone has a few cocktails. I provide transportation to and from their homes.

· Very nice lunch was catered, raffle prizes are given a week prior to Christmas; no alcohol or guests.

· Not decided yet.

· Cannot have one due to COVID-19.

· Didn’t have one last year and cannot again this year due to COVID-19.


5. Company Holiday Party – Controlling Alcohol

Alcohol is Not Allowed: 54.17%

Alcohol is Allowed and Company Does Not Limit Drinks: 12.50%

Outside Bar Service is Used: 12.50%

Company Provides Employees with Drink Tickets: 8.33%

Management Monitors/Controls -

Case-by-Case Basis: 20.83%

Company Provides Transportation to Employees

Who May Have Overindulged: 16.67%

*Sample of Responses from Client Comments:

· We host a holiday luncheon and find that by having our own party, people don’t overindulge.

· Not decided yet.

· We provide drink tickets as well as an outside bar.

· We have an open bar.

· We work a deal with a nearby hotel to shuttle and give discounted room rates for employees.


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